Day 11: Characters #inktober


I know, it’s supposed to be posted on Monday. But unfortunately, I got a little accident. My hand was hurt. But now, I’m ok. 😀

So anyway, these are the characters I created for my comics. Yes, I did some comics but I never published them at all. The only one that’s published was Satu Lembar Uang, on my blog and Facebook. If it’s considered as published. 😀

And these are the female characters.

Ratu – Kerajaan Apaajadeh (1994)
Keli – Keli (1994)
Iyem – Iyem (1995)
Eia – Something to Remember (1998)
Kiki – Cheerish (2000)
Puti – Satu Lembar Uang (2009)

Someday, I’ll tell you detail about those comics.


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