Day 15: Comic Strip #inktober


One of the things I like about drawing is comic. As I mentioned before on my 12th day inktober posting, I did make some comics.

I kind of feel like to make some more. But for now, I think it’s going to be like, comic strip. It’s simplier than one full long story as I always did. And for the story, may be I’ll pick the real events. My own experiences. The funny ones.

Like today’s posting, this short comic (hopefully can be considered as comic strip) based on the real event.

So, one day, I was walking through this path. Which was quite narrow.  And there was a man, 45 something, walking before me. And suddenly, he stopped. I walked closer, then. But when I got right behind him, he farted. He was shocked, I guess, for not knowing there was me. But yet I stood there. He thought nobody was there, so then he thought he could farted. I was so surprised as well. Don’t ask me about the smell. Because I walked away immediately since I didn’t want to even know it. 😀


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