Day 31: Sendiri #inktober


For the last day of Inktober, since it’s also Halloween, I decided to draw this character. One of creepy image of some long-haired woman on white long dress, sitting alone on some worn old chair, having her hair combed.
Some mystical legend of Indonesia.

Happy Halloween, everybody.
And see you next year, Inktober!
Keep drawing, keep sketching! 😀


Day 29: Putri Duyung #inktober


Putri Duyung. First time I was told about the story was the original one. The one that she sacrificed a lot for the prince she loved and all of the sacrifices weren’t payed off. At the end, she died.
That was one of a heartbreaking story ever told. For me, at least.

But, for Disney’s version, they said it was too sad to tell the original story. So they made it with happy ending. I love both of the versions.

So here’s the mermaid that I made with Ariel’s appearance, but as sad as the original look. At least I thought it would look sad since I made it a bit gloomy. Hehehe…

Day 28: October 28, 1928 #inktober


Sumpah Pemuda (The Youth Pledge), was a declaration made on 28 October 1928 by young Indonesian nationalists in Kongres Pemuda Kedua (The Second Youth Congress). They proclaimed three ideals, one motherland, one nation and one language.

*source: Wikipedia

And this is my version of the original photo that was taken on the day.

Masih Cerita Motor Lagi

Weekend panjang. Empat hari. Tepatnya tanggal 24-27 September lalu. Rasanya seneng banget karena terbayang bisa gue manfaatkan untuk jalan2 lagi naik motor sendirian kaya minggu2 kemarin.

Kali ini, tepatnya pas hari Jumat, 25 September, gue pake kesempatan ini untuk jalan2 ke Kota Tua. Tempat yang sangat familiar buat gue. Ya, cerita dikit deh. Dulu itu rumah gue, sebelum pindah ke rumah gue yang sekarang sejak 1984, adanya di sekitar situ. Di sore hari gue suka dibawa sama tante gue, atau bokap gue, atau nyokap gue sendiri main2 di sekitar situ. Nyuapin makan, atau sekedar cemilan aja. Jadi ya, cukup dekat lah gue dengan bangunan2 tua peninggalan Belanda itu.


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